1. Leifer

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    The claim from several chemtrail believers is that there is a "massive" increase in respiratory illnesses.


    There is evidence of increased respiratory disease "statically". But this is most likely due to increased skill in diagnosis, and from the increase in the advances of the medical industry, now giving names to previously undiagnosed ailments.

    http://truthmediaproductions.blogspot.com/ says....
    But the Lung Association says....
    So while the current rates seem to have increased, it all about the "reporting" and "diagnosis", that makes the numbers playable among "chemtrail" believers or disbelievers.

    PS...there is so much info on this topic....consider this post as "unfinished".
  2. Mick West

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    My pet theory for the reason why people think there is an increase in illness is that they, and their friends and family, are getting older. So for their social group, people ARE getting sicker.

    Of course, on average people in the US are still getting healthier - and air quality has greatly improved over the last 20 years. The rates for deaths from respiratory disease have not really changed. It's been 4th on the list since at least 1999 when it was to 5.2% to 2007, when it was 5.3% (and 5.1% in 2006, so with that year-to-year variation it's essentially unchanged).

  3. Jay Reynolds

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    I heard MJM quote the same 3rd place stuff on Noory's show.

    He also said that aluminum oxide was "toxic" and that chemtrails was a "crime against humanity".

    But a few days ago he said aluminum oxide was "inert".

    Loose cannon. Is he looking for a Ted Kaczynski?

    Hope not before this hoax is over..