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    Cyclone Lusi is headed to northern New Zealand this weekend, and local chemtrail believers are getting all hot and bothered by it - Cyclone Lusi & The Evidence Of Weather Modification

    I was particularly interested by this bit:

    so I went to the link provided and read the summary of the session provided here - and it seems that indeed Hurricane modification is "on the table again" al la Project Stormfury from the 60's and 70's:

    so there is a grain of truth here - although it is clearly not that storms are currently being geo-engineered by any visible aerosols such as the cirrus clouds Clare Swinney tries to make people scared of on her website.

    the fact that DHS asked NOAA to carry out this research is also of considerable interest to the CT's who have noticed the programme.

    the extracts above are from 2010 - so it is a reasonable question to ask what has happened since then - a scholar search on google finds 4 pages of articles - but none since 2010, and of course many are repeats of others.

    In conclusion it seems as if HAMP was initially about measuring the distribution and effects of aerosols in hurricanes and cyclones, with a view to experimenting with various methods to alter their characteristics, including possibly seeding with carbon black. such seeding would of course not look anything like the alleged aerosol spraying identified by Northland New Zealand Chemtrails Watch.

    However HAMP seems to have stopped producing any information since 2010, with nothing available beyond the measurement phases. I suspect this will be taken by some as evidence of its success and being made a black op so as to be removed from the public eye!

    And lastly, HAMP was not around in 2005 when it allegedly was used to affect Katrina as suggested in the article.
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    Cotton WR, Woodley WL, Ginis I, Golden JH, Khain A, Rosenfeld D.
    The Rise and Fall of HAMP.
    The Journal of Weather Modification. 2011;43(1):89-96.

    So it looks like the Department of Homeland Security was interested in hurricane mitigation for a short time, but then "backed off" because of "changes in DHS management", even though the research appeared promising? It would be interesting to know the considerations behind this.