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    The comment was by Steven Wallin, you could try asking him:
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    And I think the size/weight needed will vary depending on the efficiency of the bearings, and if you do it in a vacuum or not. Bearings can only support so much weight, so there's probably a sweet spot based on your bearings. What bearings will you use?
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    I was thinking about a knife edge bearing system similar to the prop balancer I use, where the shaft rests on two sharp-edge discs that spin. With my props it will show a difference in balance of one small piece of tape only a few inches out from center.
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    Hi mike , i'm a sailor, as you are aware we use Gyro compass for our heading! I was just wondering if earth stops rotating apart other calamity sure to follow, would gyro compass still be precessed?
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    Im about to board a plane having calibrated the gyro in iPhone to horizontal and fly from Boston to Oakland. I expect my level to still show the same relationship to horizontal when i arrive. Why isnt the gyro in my phone reflecting the orientation change for curve? If oriented to the ground surface, either the iphone is tethered to earths core to maintain perpedicular plumb line to ground , or it has some kind of gravity sensor (but that would override calibration making the feature useless, it would have no reason to exist). A calibrated smartphone gyro has no allegiance to gravity or Earths core im pretty sure and as you mention we're discussing angular velocity, so where is the angle for earth curve on my phone gyro after traveling from coast to coast?.
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    The level in your phone does not use the gyros. It uses the accelerometers, aka "gravity sensors" (when there's just one of them).

    Calibration is to:

    A) account for minor difference in the mounting and electronics of the sensor, and variations from the phone case.
    B) to allow relative measurements, for example if you wanted two beams to have the same slope, you would reset the level on one, then adjust the other until the bubble was centered.

    Full explanation here:
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    Very entertaining. Debunking can be fun! Now I really want the back story on "Patricia".

  9. Rory

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    Some golden footage in that video: 4:00 for Knodel's adventures with gyroscopes, and 9:10 for the priceless moment when Jeran's predictions come true - just not in the way that he wanted. :D
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    weirdly I have just watched the recent Q&A session at last weeks FE conference in Colorado - Knodel and Jerans were on the panel (I had not heard of them before)

    "The Flat Earth Q & A Panel session at the 2018 Flat Earth Convention in Denver, Colorado.

    The Panel Featured from left to right: Karen B, Rob Skiba, Allegedly Dave, Jeran Campanella, Matt Procella, Dave Weiss, Bob Knodel, Patricia Steere."

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQIwY2ByE9o

    it was interesting for the fact that the MC was clearly irritated by the overly religious leanings of the questions

    the gyroscope came up I think (or that may have been on lecture Dmurphy25 gave about "gravity" or what he called "droppity" (which I must admit is quite clever)

    "A Presentation given at the 2018 International Flat Earth Convention in Denver, Colorado.

    This presentation introduces the concept of "Droppity" as the tendency for an object to fall when we let go of it and focuses on the relationship between Droppity and Gravity, and what Droppity really is."

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLcgsG1XEic
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