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    I'd heard of "FEMA Camps" - supposed prison camps set up by FEMA to imprison hundreds of thousands of America. When others had looked into it, it always proved to be nothing more that railway yards, army bases, or nothing in particular. There was zero evidence to suspect a conspiracy. For a general debunking, see:

    http://www.infobomber.org/2009/05/07/citizens-guide-to-fema-camps/ (http://archive.today/qg3ZL)

    Likewise with this particular aspect of the claim:

    http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread59023/pg1 (http://archive.today/1GoA6)

    The claim is quite ridiculous. There's nothing like that anywhere in Alaska - at least not that anyone can point to. It hardly even bears debunking, it's so out there.

    But how did such a claim get started. I've been trying to track down the original source. Most version of the story include this paragraph, which dates back to the earlist I can find at September 28th, 2000.

    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/openyourthirdeye/message/4530 (http://archive.today/C5Jcr)

    This is the start of the article that started it. The part about 2,000,000 people camps in Alaska was added later.

    http://webspace.webring.com/people/nu/um_8596/reports3.html (http://archive.today/eu3NM)

    This root article starts with the header:

    And ends

    That final line was removed in later versions, perhaps as the midnight hour passed.

    So who is Terry Kings? He seems to have left no mark at all on the internet besides this one "article", so it seems likely it's a pen name. Who added the 2,000,000 person camp in Alaska? Unfortunately it seems to be one of those conspiracies, like chemtrails, that started just as the internet was gearing up, hence much of the original online material is lost. We may never know where the claim came from - but we do know that even though it's entirely baseless, it's probably going to keep running for another ten to twenty years.
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    Interesting one of the posts in the Yahoo group (maybe egroup at the time) that had an early mention was as kind of Black Power/Awareness group, and had the following posts a bit earlier:

    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/openyourthirdeye/message/771 (http://archive.today/ww13V)
    So a post mentioning FEMA, and forced labor camps. And the "King Arthur Plan", which was a fictional plan to detain African Americans:

    http://ourstorian.wordpress.com/2011/11/28/remembering-richard-wright/ (http://archive.today/7WmFg)

    Bridging the King Arthur plan and current FEMA fears is the Rex-84 plan:


    And of course, preceding and informing all of this was the internment of Japanese Americans during the second world war.

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    Back in the mid-nineties, the Amtrak Railcar Repair Facility at Beech Grove, Indianapolis, Indiana was being called a "Death Camp" complete with crematoriums:
    http://www.prolognet.qc.ca/clyde/camp.htm (http://archive.today/Nwljn)

    Fifteen years on, no deaths, but they have done some hiring and are rebuilding rail cars:
    http://www.insideindianabusiness.com/newsitem.asp?ID=36778 (http://archive.today/oVFUI)

    Popular Mechanics did a piece on this subject in 2009:
    http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/military/news/4312850 (http://archive.today/0k0v3)
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    Although as a Montana resident I will state that there are a few open prisons built and manned in Montana but no occupants currently (Hardin, Mt) and one under construction in Glasgow,Mt
  6. Mick West

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    The Hardin prison just seems to be some kind of boondoggle by developers. It's a tiny prison in the grand scheme of things, 464 beds.

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    There was a state jail built in Dallas, that sat vacant for almost 2 years.
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    Anyone who believes America needs secretive camps to imprison large percentages of its population fails to comprehend the rate at which large percentages of the American population is already being incarcerated with no great secrecy whatsoever.
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    Yeah, but what if they wanted to incarcerate more. There's no room in the current prisons.

    I'm not saying there are FEMA prison camps, but the current large prison population is not an argument against them.
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    Not to mention if there was some master plan to mass exterminate people--- Why not start with all the ones who are in Prison first and voila -- Gov can save money by using the available space instead of spending what's claimed to be BILLIONS of dollars for all these 800 additional camps.
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    answers should include: its profitable if you get $10 to build a "prison" and you spend $5, giving $4 to other interested parties (happenes all the time), prisoners could be used for many purpeses if needed (staged outbreaks to have military involved, using them on front lines etc) .
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    There is zero evidence for FEMA camps. In Alaska or anywhere else. If you have proof please provide it. Do not make baseless conjectures.
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