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    What I find entirely missing from the accusations that it was DEW, is any confirmation from the residents and homeowners or businesses in that area.
    I imagine a few will surface, but with what evidence ?

    Currently, the accusations are coming from outsiders, who weren't there.

    I've seen more than the usual empathetic gestures from DEW and CT believers, toward those who lost homes and family members. I hope it stays that way.
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    I believe this explains a lot as to why people are so ready to believe these conspiracies in regard to wild fires, as these researchers says "fire is a mysterious phenomenon"

    "Massive wildfires cost billions of dollars and burn millions of acres in the U.S. every year, but we know surprisingly little about the basic science of how they spread. At the Fire Lab in Missoula, Montana, researchers reverse-engineer spreading fires using wind tunnels, fire-whirl generators, and giant combustion chambers. They're finding that fire is a mysterious phenomenon, and the physics behind it is often counter-intuitive."

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnvWW4kYhnk

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    Additional info and analysis about the winds, temps, etc... before/during the fires in the region....
    (pertaining to the on-line claims, "the winds weren't that high")

    One of many maps and graphs....

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    It's not too difficult.
    Melting aluminum in a campfire....

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    Two time-lapse videos showing the CA fires and how they spread via the wind....

    First vid shows some security cams (original source ?).
    Second is from a field cam/game cam, from one of the fire response teams.
    (Video created by Marin Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 1775 - iaff1775.org )

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    Some quick debunks of additional claims of DEW (proof !) usage in the fires, that are circling youtube....

    Claim #1 This is a still grabbed from the video(s), showing "proof" of a laser weapon from above, caught on camera.
    Most Likely: Someone captured a guy taking a selfie during the fire.
    (pics shown with my captions)
    selfie_flash_before. selfie_flash.

    Claim #2 A laser weapon is accidentally caught on video from a helicopter, and the gov't perpetrators quickly move the camera away from the laser beam, because "they're" not supposed to record that. oops!!
    Most Likely: It's the Sonoma Co Sheriff Dept's rescue helicopter "Henry 1" and someone is recording out of the window in the middle cabin area, behind the pilot seat (front right). The person recording, moves the camera, and captures one of the side pillars around the window. It's only seen for one second of the entire video. (Henry 1 = Bell 407 )
    I don't think it was the pilot taking the video....he's too busy.
    SOURCE VIDEO at 0:36

    ....Now there's this guy, retired Fire Captain "John Lord", who actually sounds legit.....except for his conspiracy beliefs.
    He believes it was Agenda 21 related, and the fires were intentionally set, probably from DEW, and that it's "obvious" to him based on his knowledge of how fires should burn normally.
    Although, he admits he was not at the fires nor did he visit the scene after the fires, and gets all his news from youtube and the internet.

    Did I look him up ? ...extensively. I couldn't find him. I took all his stated qualifications and job descriptions, and did a keyword and image search...no Capt. John Lord found.
    He might be using an alt name for personal reasons.
    He's entitled to his personal view, but he seems to be implying it should be obvious to other fire-trained personnel, therefore a coverup because they remain silent.

    EDIT: This might be him, with an old picture ???


    An email I sent to the Petaluma Fire Dept, asking if Capt. John Lord was ever a real employee there, in the 1980's.... was confirmed. He was.
    Their email reply:
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