1. Balance

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    It's been very humid in the UK recently, yesterday being very noticeable at ground level at least - felt like a steam sauna in the morning when walking the dog. In the afternoon, though I regret not being able to film it, saw a full aerodynamic contrail coming off an airliner I wasn't able to confidently ID on FR24 after the event, though suspect it was the one transcending through FL290 (1am UTC over Hants/Dorset border).

    Driving out of the New Forest today, it looked like Mamatus Undulatus was forming and managed to find a layby to pull into and capture this timelapse (zipped vid and screengrab attached) which also illustrates the higher cloud layers being blown in a different direction to the underlying layers.

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  2. scombrid

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    The still image in your post looks like "asperatus" .

    My computer refused to extract the mpeg from the zip so I can see the timelapse. I bet it is very interesting based on your description and that still image.
  3. Balance

    Balance Senior Member

    You're probably right of my mis-identifying, my cloud knowledge is novice-level, if that.
    Sorry the compressed file won't unzip properly either, not sure what went wrong, I used 7-zip.

    Interestingly since, the local sky looks exactly the same. It has not evolved at all, just lovely wavy underlines.
  4. deirdre

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    mine unzipped ok. do you have a youtube channel you can upload it to?
  5. Raccoon

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    Looks like something brewing up there. May I ask what kind of camera you used? (Looks like JVC, just like mine...)
  6. Balance

    Balance Senior Member

    No youtube access currently.

    Exactamundo, JCV el-cheapo!
  7. JRBids

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    I could see it, very cool.
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  8. Marin B

    Marin B Active Member

    Interesting information on this type of cloud from Wikipedia:

    And from the Cloud Appreciation Society
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  9. derwoodii

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    zip file worked for me.. i even caught the subliminal Manchurian Candidate "Queen of Diamonds" message from your shill sponsor http://www3.hants.gov.uk/projectintegra hmm i must obey & go sort my recycling now :)

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  10. Balance

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    Seems I wasn't the only one to notice and capture the sky yesterday. It made local newspaper. http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/14609302.PICTURES__Strange_cloud_formations_seen_over_Dorset/
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  11. Balance

    Balance Senior Member

    Sorry for the late reply but I totally forgot my cam's standard format is AVCHD (?.MTS) which I should have converted to .MP4 before zipping. (Corrected with new attached)

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    And apparently it is not alone

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