Waco, TX, Fertilizer Explosion: Illustration of how the wrong information gets posted



How things get confused on the web. A site I am subscribed to, "Traces of Texas' posted this


Instead of the fertilizer plant explosion. At lest they caught it and posted the correct link.


Just a mixup in googleing "explosion in west Texas"
I read that myself but not lame stream media http://www.therightscoop.com/major-...r-plant-in-west-texas-many-injuries-reported/


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It is bad, they are evacuating the entire town. It on I 35, just north of Waco. I always plan to stop and buy kolaches there


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And here is another one



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Comanche Peak is NO where near West. It is at least 50 miles away to the NW. I wish some of these nutters could read a map.

What is funny is that 'Operation Black Rain' was a real op, against motorcycle gangs.


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.... gmo plants need fert too...

I really dont think people understand what fission or fission/fusion weapons are like... one more new article that compares cylinder yard or AN plant explosions to a nuclear bomb is going to have me bashing my head in!
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