TFTRH #44 - Steven Hassan: Cults and Conspiracies

Mick West

Staff member


Steven Hassan is an expert on cults. A former high ranking member of the Unification Church, aka the "Moonies", he's been helping people escape the rabbit hole since his own escape in 1976. Now he's a mental health professional who's the author of four books on cults and teaches at Harvard Medical School.

We discuss cults, the intersection between cults and conspiracy theories, and his controversial new book: The Cult of Trump.

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Of particular interest to those interested in conspiracy theories, Steve gives considerable weight to the theory that Sirhan Sirhan was not the only shooter of RFK, and that he was actually a kind of "Manchurian Candidate" brainwashed to play his part. While this is all new to me, my initial readings into the subject (after this video) make me tend to disagree. It will be interesting to try to resolve this disagreement.

You can find that segment at 1:00:11