TFTRH #29 - Geoff: Everything is a Hoax, The Earth Might Be Flat

Mick West

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@Geoff says that six years ago he was “as normal as everyone else,” but when he was caught up in the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bomber (Dzhokhar Tsarnaev) he took an interest in the events and eventually came to believe it was all staged. This led him to research other topics and now he feels nearly everything we see is staged, and that the world is run by an organization of Freemasons, Jesuits, and the Vatican. He also thinks that the earth is not a globe and that it’s possibly flat.

Peekay was arrested for stalking and harassing a survivor.

External Quote:
A former Neighbours and Underbelly actor rang Melbourne hospitals pretending to be the friend of patients injured in the Bourke Street tragedy in a sick trolling effort.
Peter Kusznir, a bit part actor in the hit TV shows and a conspiracy theorist, recorded himself calling two Melbourne hospitals as he sought to find Natalie Hakin, who was seriously injured during the outrage and whose young daughter, Thalia, was killed.
Audio from the phone calls show how Kusznir attempted to trick nurses into believing he was a friend of Ms Hakin.

And Geoff wasnt banned from the Roig thread. He has plenty of ridiculous comments in that thread.

Geoff is a good exmple of someone (with a fuzzy memory) who is going out of his way to prove his convoluted theory vs. trying to dosprove his individual theories to see if his theories actually hold up to scrutiny.

I mean he is going to belittle a little girl losing her leg (and losing her brother) because he doesnt want to bother looking at a pressure cooker lid?
He's going to imply that deeply religious Robbie Parker -who spent that night in shock talking to his 'priest'*-of pushing "satanism"??

Attacking victims without doing due diligence before opening your mouth is just disgusting behavior.

(*I put priest in quotes because I don't know what his church calls the priest type guys. maybe it should be pastor. ??)