Syria MacDonald Emails. Hacked and/or Faked?


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Oxymoron said:
As it does to Egypt, Saudi, Bahrain, Oman, Turkey, Jordan and a host of other unsavoury dictators supported by the U.S. So why pick on Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran etc? Could it be because they are not aligned with the U.S and that is their actual 'crime'?

It's worth noting that all of those countries, with the exception of Afghanistan, are not only at odds with the US on a number of issues but with the majority of the rest of the world. None of them are in open civil war, either(well, Libya is still in turmoil), and as it stands the US is really the only country equipped to do anything about it(which is more due to quantity than technology, though).

Pete Tar said:
Are soldiers legally bound to never voice an opinion on military engagements they may be obliged to take part in?
Almost certainly, at least to some extent.

I know of some active duty soldiers on Facebook who are quite vocal about their opinions. Also lots of folks over on I don't think there's a rule against expressing your opinions unless those opinions violate operational security in some way.


It's exceedingly likely that these emails have been doctored. There's so many issues that stand out with them: lines of poor English which implicate a conspiracy interjected in what reads as entirely fluent English, a Colonel who supposedly has high-level access to this false flag scheme(unless you want to imply the whole military is in on it) is using Yahoo to discuss it, this same Colonel is discussing these matters entirely unencrypted, on and on...

As much as I hate linking to /r/conspiracy, here's some technical evidence indicating the emails were tampered with:
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Mick West

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"I saw it either and got afraid very much"

Who is supposed to have said that? It looks like the highlighted parts were all inserted, as they are in terrible English, but the rest is in normal English.


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"I saw it either and got afraid very much"

Who is supposed to have said that? It looks like the highlighted parts were all inserted, as they are in terrible English, but the rest is in normal English.

Supposedly the Colonel's wife. There's just too many things wrong with these emails to take them seriously, though I will give the counterfeiter the credit that they referenced the critical issues in such an off-handed way that if you don't see spot terrible English when skimming through it could seem plausible.
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The emails are provably a forgery. They are signed by a legitimate certificate, but when the verification process is applied to the document the signature does not match. This proves 100% that the emails have been altered.

The emails appear to have been hacked, i.e., they are legitimate (given the large quantity of "actual sensitive information"), but false text has been inserted.

I have to be honest. It also shows that some/someone are/is purposely trying to mislead people, what the reddit folks are calling a "stove-pipe operation".


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These emails make no sense. It's a casual conversation about someone planning a trip to visit then, they randomly bring up the Syrian War? Of course, andybody who says, Syria was "Done for the cameras" is big time into conspiracy lore!!!
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