Solved: PVS-14 Night Vision Pilot's Footage of "Racetrack" Flares [Starlink]

The TLE isn't the problem. I'm just not sure what actual date to use. It was set to April 18, but the KML tracks for the planes is on the 19th
The OP of the video says it was taken on the 18th, but of course that could be the 19th after midnight. I've tried comparing the historical lightning maps from here with the position of the lightning seen in the video, and the 20th April seems to be the closest match. Pretty sure the time of the video is close to 0745Z due to the position of the stars. So maybe we should look for the ADSB playback of when there are planes in the right location at the right time in order to confirm the date?
  • Fixed a bug I introduced three days ago that might have meant the Satellites were incorrect.
  • Fixed z-fighting issues with custom shaders not having correct near/far clip plane values.
  • Added a globe, so you can see the satellites in a wider context. (bug where they get big in the other view when you zoom out)
I'm still trying to tie down an exact time in the video. The moment when the two planes cross at the 1m29s mark seems to be a good reference to work on .


With this in mind we can assume Aircraft A is on a similar heading to the aircraft that the camera is on (Heading West --> East) , and Aircraft B is on a East-->West heading. We know the town lights that can be seen are from Guymon, OK. Unfortunately we cant tell the distance each aircraft is away from the camera.

The date of the video is April 18 2023 (according to comments made by the OP in YouTube), and checking against the stars in the sky we can work out that it was at approx 0745UTC.

In ADSB Exchange Replay the combination of the flights below could present the perspective required to give the same scene as shown in the video - ie two aircraft crossing. This suggests that the camera aircraft is N344DN/ DAL722 and the time they cross is closer to 0741UTC.

Perspective in Google Earth. KML is attached.

.... however .... I have still not been able to match the Sitrec satellite positions with any timecode in the video. :(



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@Mick West - I think I have it. ;)

I started to think that we must have something wrong on this - probably not your coding skills, probably not my TLE or geolocation. So the only other input we have is the date from the OP. Could this be wrong? I previously suggested looking through historical lightning maps tp see if we could match the lightning we can see in the video - ie lightning the storms to the north of the Oklahoma pan handle and towards Tulsa in the east. Strangely the lighting on the 18th didn't seem enough, ....


.... so I started looking for earlier dates, the 15 April seemed to have a similar pattern -

Ok, this seems like a good place to try. so then the question is - were there any suitable planes traversing Guymon on the 15th April in the same arrangment as the planes we can see in the video.... well yes there was, but these are a little later than the 0745UTC that we had being going with previously - closer to 0814UTC.


Showing flight numbers

So then went back to sitrec and started scrubbing around at that time. At the 93s mark in the video there is a distinctive pentagon shape made by the flaring starlink satellites. A similar shape is made in the Sitrec simulation at 2023-04-15 08:14:05 UTC. Could this be it?


This happens a few seconds later:
With the sim speed set to 5.0 the position of the simulated satellites then matches the video quite closely. Its hard to post evidence of this, but this is a screen shot 3 mins later. I had to move the lat long of the camera eastward to ensure the alignment of the flaring satellites matched exactly, but this aligns with the eastward movement of the plane.


Whatcha think? I'll try and record a video with the two side by side. Maybe someone else can check this for me?

Parameters for replay:
Video/Sitrec Start Time: 2023-04-15T08:07:53
Video Time: 93s
Sim Speed: 5
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Seems to work for me, but with a
Start time of 2023-004-15T08:06:18
Alignment (same as your last one) at 139.539 seconds (frame 4182)
36.5437,-100.352 (same as you)

Now we need to attach the camera to the plane. Which one?

From the video we can see that the plane that is travelling eastbound, lags behind the camera plane (it gradually moves left in the field of view). So either the camera plane is accellerating past it, or it is getting further away.

Looking at the playback data south of Guymon there are limited number of options. If the R-->L aircraft is ABX3173 then the camera is either on DAL1123, UAL2630 or AAL1866. But I suspect that the other plane in the FoV is DAL1123, so the cam-plane is either UAL2630 or AAL1866.



We can see that DAL1123 would be going left in the field of view of UAL2630, but would remain pretty constant in the FoV of AAL1866.

Therefore the first try for the cam-plane would be UAL2630. The KML is attached



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There's a bug right now where the KML tracks are not accounting for SimSpeed. Accounting for that, the above looks very good. Gimmi a while and I'll fix it and attach the camera to the that plane.
Thats very impressive. Tracking is just about perfect from start to finish. Here's the last few seconds of the video for those who dont want to work with Sitrec.
Thats very impressive. Tracking is just about perfect from start to finish. Here's the last few seconds of the video for those who dont want to work with Sitrec.
Looks like it's running a little jerky on your system (and will probably make some computers, especially laptops, heat up). There's a lot of room for optimization, which I'll get to eventually.

Here it's running smoothly on my M1 Mac Mini, which I'm constantly being impressed by.

Yes, i have found it a little jerky. Not surprsing as I'm on an iMac 21.5-inch, Mid 2011 running High Sierra 10.13.16, and on a 17mbps internet link.

Sorry :eek:
Again the synchronicity is beautiful. But this means the date we were given by the witness was 3 days out?
Yes. But it wasnt not the witness - the video poster had a 'trusted contact' who sent them the video, presumably on the 18th,

This is who posted the original Starlink video....

Dr. Andrea Lani is a space scientist whose life took a turn towards the twilight zone at age 8 when he saw a UFO materializing in front of him. This and other events have led him to dig deep into the rabbit hole through past life regressions, energy healing, and ET contacts. In 2020 he was discovered to be a stargate keeper, and, since then, he has helped many to connect to their star/angelic families within his meditations and Akashic records readings. Most recently, he has also engaged in neuroscientific experiments with the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Here's a video of his own sighting at Dover in the UK... (spoiler alert - its lights on a hill)

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