Photos of Clouds and Skies (That you took yourself)


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Another beautiful day in Cambridgeshire....





Which is really surprising considering that Anita here was telling us all on Friday that the Apocalypse was coming to Britain in the form of satanic cricket-ball sized hail storms...

I don't think she is a meteorologist though....

Mick West

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While some of the above are probably from contrails, remember you can get linear cirrus clouds without contrails.


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I took this image in my backyard. You can see the foremost clouds were from contrails and in the background (nearer the horizon) you can see the newest contrail. We have military cargo planes flying over and commercial closer to the horizon and as the contrails make there way to my location they look like clouds to the untrained eye (which is what I thought they were before coming to this forum)
image.jpgimage.jpg image.jpg You can see how they start to get feathery (if that's a word)


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So I'm BBQing some steaks, as I finish off my glass of wine I look up and see this. Although you can't really tell from this photo, the sky is mostly clear and blue except for these contrail fragments.


Here's anther shot from the street with fewer trees obscuring the view. This one was taken with my phone's panorama feature, about a 90 degree arc. Some haze off to the west, but the majority of the sky was quite clear. It was a really an unusual sight.



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Here's a picture of a sunset I took last sunday. 22-6-2014 near Kijkduin, Holland. It shows an area with cirrus clouds over the horizon, as well as some persistent contrails in that area. There are also a few jets outside of that area, leaving quickly dissipating contrails. I thought this'd be a nice picture to show how jets can leave persisitent contrails in one area, while having them dissipate in another, depending on local circumstances.


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got woken up this morning to take a pregnant woman to hospital. on the way home I was amazed by the look of the sky. Massive cloud bank illuminated by the sunrise (or blood sprayed all night by Chemtrail aircraft, lol) making an amazing red glow. BIG warning to Shepherds then

By the time I got home, the glow was more orange but I thought I'd upload anyway.



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M Bornong

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A double Solar Halo over Bakersfield, CA, June 26, 2014, 7:15 am.

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M Bornong

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46° Halo, or possibly a Supralateral Arc?
The greens and blues were much more vivid than what came out in the photo. My first reaction was how can a rainbow form, without rain? My house was blocking the inner halo and sun. When I went to the front yard it became apparent it was a halo. I wish I had had the time to get to a more open location.


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Took this a couple of years ago. I couple of stumps of rainbows emanating from the same spot which is something I've never seen before. I've seen double rainbows before but they're always concentric with a brighter inner one and a duller outer one. This however appears to be 2 spouting from the same spot and going off in different directions. There's also a very faint outer rainbow to the right. No idea what's going on at all. Pity they were only those stumps and not full rainbows.DSC_0099.JPG

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Segment of (I think) a circumzenithal arc from yesterday. These are much further from the sun than the 22° halo. Seemed almost straight up.


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This is looking west-north-west, just outside of Palmdale, CA, several years ago.
Notice the very short trails. These lasted many minutes on their own, and widened over time.
Meteorology would say these short trails were produced in pockets of atmosphere susceptible to contrail formation.
The reason other trails are long and unbroken.......they are in different air, and different altitude.
Also note.....trails are in the general flight path of flying north/south....along the west coast flyway...connecting perhaps San Diego to other west coast cities.

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M Bornong

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helicopter boneyard, at Inyo/Kern airport.....

That's from a couple of years ago. I haven't seen the snow like that for a while. This is a before and after of the South Fork of the Kern about 30 miles north west of InyoKern, top photo is this past 4th of July weekend, the bottom shows a typical flow for the same weekend, 2 years ago.southFork.jpg
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Guys, I live in a concrete canyon, never get to see stuff like this. They are magnificent. How can people be afraid of them?


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Cardiff, UK, at about 8am a few weeks ago. Looked like a giant sausage roll, it stretched as far as I could see to the left and right of the photo, however there were houses and trees in the way so I couldn't get a better photo than this. 20140717_073702.jpg


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You can get that effect standing on the beach with wet sand in front of you and the sun behind you, the halo will be around the shadow of your head.
To a lesser extent it can happen on a bitumen road, polarised sunglasses can make it more prominent.

A few days ago I was cycling in the countryside an hour or two before sunset and I was quite suprised to see a halo appearing around the shadow of my head on the cornfields. In this case there was no moisture around so I presume the prevailing dust was causing a similar phenomena.


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A few days ago I was cycling in the countryside an hour or two before sunset and I was quite suprised to see a halo appearing around the shadow of my head on the cornfields. In this case there was no moisture around so I presume the prevailing dust was causing a similar phenomena.
Was it actually a coloured halo or simply a brighter patch? I have certainly observed the latter in fields of crops or long grass. It's caused by the fact that directly down-sun of the observer, each stalk of grass/corn is hiding its own shadow, so the overall brightness is higher.

It's called "opposition glow" and it also shows up vividly in photographs taken on the moon, where the individual grains of lunar soil and small rocks hide their own shadows.

Atoptics has good examples both with a forest:

and on the moon:

There's also an example in a cornfield, creating more of a streak than a halo:
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