Paper: Clarifying the Dominant Sources and Mechanisms of Cirrus Cloud Formation

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Some interesting and unexpected results:

Heterogeneous freezing means that the water freezes on something, a seed aerosol, rather than homogenous freezing which is where pure water freezes. It's a little confusing terminology

homogeneous = uniform, kind of like homogenized milk (or think two of the same, like homosexual)
heterogeneous = the opposite, not homogenized, varied in makeup, a mixture



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Fodder for conspiracy theories:

I predict the term "very strange metal particles" will get interpreted as anything from advanced nanotech to evidence of covert geoengineering with barium and aluminum.
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Fascinating post. Cloud microphysics will continue to yield fascinating findings.

Here is a paper that discusses the global electric circuit and the role that human altered clouds may play in weather.
The global electric circuit may be involved in climate change via non-linear electrical effects on cloud microphysical processes (Aplin et al. 2008; Carslaw 2009; Harrison and Ambaum 2008, 2010; Nicoll and Harrison 2010), as discussed later in this paper.
d) Global circuit cloud coupling
This modulation of the fair weather current density by solar activity and associated cosmic ray changes provides a potential mechanism whereby the properties of clouds at low heights in fair weather regions could be changed by the currents passing through them, with implications, currently not quantified, for changes in weather and climate as a result. Theory indicates that, at the edge of a horizontal layer cloud, the transition from low conductivity air within a cloud to air of greater conductivity outside the cloud will be accompanied by a region of enhanced space charge, when the current flows vertically through the cloud boundary. Nicoll and Harrison (2009) have confirmed empirically that current flow passes through layer clouds.

Cirrus clouds are especially fascinating in regards to electic and chemical dynamics.
Stratospheric electrical processes will be better understood when more is known about dusty plasmas.



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