Nufffrespect's Channel Nuked, again.

Trigger Hippie

Senior Member.
If you've ever searched chemtrails on youtube you will have undoubtedly seen Nufffrespect's video "Killer Chemtrails: The Shocking Truth" as it jockeyed for position amongst the top three. On Jan 12 2012, youtube began modifying user's channel stats by removing fake channels and nonexistent users from the count. Nufffrespect's subscribers began disappearing by the thousands.


By mid March both of his Channels were closed. 100k subscribers, 84m video views, 300k channel views... gone.


The apologists claim this is evidence of the Illuminati censoring the truth. Others claim Nufffrespect got busted padding his youtube stats with view and subscriber bots.

Mick West

Staff member
That's kind of like the "dead scientists" thing. thousands of people die every day, but when a scientist dies, it's a government conspiracy.

Similarly thousands of people are banned from YouTube every day, but when it's a conspiracy theorist .....

Trigger Hippie

Senior Member.

On a side note is Nufffrespect's conspicuous silence this time. You'd expect someone with over 100,000 subscribers who was unjustly censored, would scream foul on every blog and radio show on the internet.

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