Masonic ritual


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Is this not two different films stitched together? The right hand of the man in the centre and the left hand of the man on the right are supposed to be on the arm rests of their chairs, but they appear to be floating in space. The space in between the chairs of the man on the left and the one in the middle shows the dancer's shadow when she moves, and this is the same space where the man's hand is floating; in a few places it disappears altogether. I think the three chairs have been cut out and superimposed on the film of the dancer.

The image of the man on the left looks like it has been taken from a still photo as opposed to the moving images of the other two as he doesn't even move a finger, though a few times he might move his head slightly but it is hard to tell with the pixelation. His arms look a bit weird too.

I say shopped.