Is any crisis real? Yes, even the mall attacks in Kenya were fake.


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Micheal "Dutchsinse" Yanitch promoted the following video on his facebook:


It's a hodgepodge of "observations" of photos of the event from which the narrator of the video concludes that the event was a hoax.

He finds advertizing excessive, even though the event took place in a shopping mall.

He finds it odd that some people are wearing long sleeves, jackets, and such while others are in shorts. The weather there is around 80F in the day and 55-60F at night so there is nothing odd at all about the clothing observed.

He finds it odd that so many people are clutching their phones. Why that is weird in this day and age I have no idea.

Pretty much every other oddity flows from position relative to the camera and lighting.

I skipped around the video looking for a punchline explaining why "they" would perpetrate this particular hoax. I didn't find one.

But, this youtuber and his friend Dutchsinse believe that every weather event was controlled by NWS and others working for TPTB so I shouldn't be surprised that they are spinning this event into the tapestry. Nothing outside their narrative is real.


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Okay I google searched "kenya hoax" and "kenya false flag" there are plenty of the usual "theorists" shouting false flag.

I think the following excerpt from a blog post sums up the mindset:

NTS Notes: When I see any of these "shootings" now anywhere around the world, I automatically assume that they are absolutely staged events, and it seems that again and again, I am proven to be right....Something about this Kenyan "massacre" when I first heard about it a few days back made me think that this was another operation and that it stunk to high heaven... This well done video by Max Malone definitely exposes to the world that this is indeed another false flag staged event.


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I'm amazed that some people (like there author of this video) actually believe they are applying logical, critical thinking skills...[...]

I live in CT and this same type of discounted critical thinking skills were implemented by the Sandy Hook CT [...].
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M Bornong

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That was really painful, and I didn't even make it all of the way through the video. Pete, you took the words out of my mouth.

Pete Tar

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Actually, I wasn't even referring to this case, just the phenomenon in general. It scares me a little.

(some gifted satirist needs to parody Nugent's Cat Scratch Fever as False Flag Fever. Not sure it would scan though.)
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