G. Edward Griffin Admits "Chemtrails" Are from Passenger Jets: "They are not tankers"

Jay Reynolds

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From his website:

2012 Apr 12 from Ricardo Beas Beas
I recently visited Puerto Penasco, Mexico, a resort town in the State of Sonora, at the south tip area of the Golf of California, about 100+ miles south from the border, and there where chemtrails everywhere, so I concluded that the Mexican military was involved in this effort. Then I went to Mexicali, Baja California, a border town with Calexico/El Centro, CA, and I also saw the big, long and expanding chemtrails, so I concluded again that the Mexican government was involved in the spraying.

But then, as I headed towards the Calexico port of entry in the US and reached the border I realized that the lines from the chemtrails went from miles south of the border and THEY CONTINUED NORTH FOR MILES INTO THE US, with the vessel/military plane moving in that direction, which I can only conclude means that the US was doing the spraying in both the Baja and he US side of the border (it would be hard to believe that Mexican military planes would be allowed to fly into the US - or that they would have such a financial capability to do so), showing an international effort to spray unknown, possibly harmful, chemicals into the atmosphere. This is beyond scary.

Ricardo, be aware that almost all of the chemtrails we have been able to track with software that identifies planes in flight are coming from commercial passenger and cargo jets flying normal routes. They are not tankers. That means the chemicals either are in the jet fuel, added to the exhaust upon exiting the engines, or are a transparent gas that is seeded into the airspace through which the commercial planes travel. If the gas interacts with the water vapor found in jet exhausts, we would witness chemtrails apparently coming from planes when, in fact, they are not. They merely would become visible behind the planes as a result of airborne chemicals combining with water upon contact. I am not saying that this is what is happening, but there is some evidence that it is - or something like it. We still have much to learn about this.

George B

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Forgive the Gish Gallop but the reason the conspiracy continues is because of the following observations. . . .

These observations and questions (many redundant) are sometimes counterintuitive and are very difficult to explain to a laymen and IMO are one of the reasons the chemtrail conspiracy persists. . .

1) Smoke is seen at ground level and it appears to eventually dissipate but can linger in haze for hours. . . . but generally the higher smokes goes the quicker it dissipates. . . while persistent contrails won't form at ground level but will as you get to higher altitudes. . .

2) Fog can form at ground level and remain for hours or seemingly for days. . . but contrails seemingly won't . .

3) Clouds can form in a cloudless clear sky but seemingly won't dissipated for hours . . . they are commonly persistent . . . If air is a fluid and molecules go from higher concentration to lower concentration why do clouds appear to visibly adhere together . . . is there a bond . . . ?

4) Except for aerodynamic vortices persistent contrails usually won't form except where the air is thin enough (higher altitudes) but clouds will. . . ?

5) Why do persistent contrails form when clouds will not? Why do persistent contrails not form when clouds will ?

6) Why is it the higher an Aircraft flies the greater the chance they will form a persistent contrail where and when clouds may not?

7) Why do contrails appear unbroken for miles and then decide to simply end . . . and begin again . . .?

8) Why does one aircraft leave a persistent trail and one doesn't . . . though they appear to be flying at the same altitudes . . . ?

9) Why do persistent trails appear to form patterns in the sky?

10) Why is it when I see persistent trails it usually (storms) rains later or if it looked like rain the rain goes away ?

11) After persistent trails why does my and/or my family's allergies or respiratory problems increase . . . ?

12) Why do I get depressed or anxious when there are persistent trails in the sky . . . .?
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