Debunked: Video of UFO behind a cloud, dropping flashing blue lights [Viral Marketing Hoax]

well because Soulfly if you read what I posted earlier and asked questions about the total footage is not pound for pound the same. That's it ! I have never seen a UFO and im not a chaser of UFOs what I like to do is track down real time facts which would be seeing the whole footage of the DEBUNK video as I stated earlier


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once again I JUST came across this and this was the first link I found with footage being sold as a debunk. I signed up for a account and asked a simple question to each there own I would assume some are fine with this a a final answer and some are not. yes its good place to start asking them to thanks for the advice. But this is a good place to hear others thoughts which i respect to. I'm not calling anyone lairs here just asking questions. ;0
heres what the video producers label it on youtube AGAIN. (in English translated). its a marketing campaign. the same company filmed all (3) videos youre referring to. whats not to believe?


Pete Tar

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So it's not debunked unless you see a step-by-step making of documentary, the save file of the cgi ship, or all the behind the scenes editing footage?
I think it's reasonable to reach the marketing campaign conclusion based on what was presented here.
Well anyway, I hope you apply this high standard of evidence to actual claims of real ufos.