Debunked: Mouth Wash With Red Wine Video [Salivary Proteins]

Tim TheToolman Coles

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I am not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but another very effective Con Job is being re-spread by Mr Max Bliss. I guess these people have never used those old red dye tablets after brushing before that show you what you missed as a child after brushing. This entire idea is so completely a joke I almost hurt myself from laughing. Obviously there are the main culprits of Starch, and other substances and materials that live and often breed in your mouth. Then there are over 400 different types of bacteria, (plaque bacteria), and who knows what else.. Just hilarious except for after reading many of the comments from the viewers, it is clear that this type of dog and pony show works on many of the people. This was first brought out and used by our friend Cliff Carnicom

For your viewing pleasure.

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Mick West

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Salivary proteins.



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Ian Simpson from Look has produced two videos on the subject. Perhaps he would like to comment on his findings?


Mick West

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For such an experiment to demonstrate something, you would have to compare it to stringy salivary proteins mixed with red wine.

i.e. you would need to demonstrate a difference from a norm, not simply demonstrate something you did not personally expect.


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Hi guys. New here. I totally believe you are right about the saliva interacting with the tannins. Figured that out on my own before i came here. This is unfortunately very frustrating to me because i also have a set of symptoms people on the web are calling morgellons. I was diagnosed based on symptoms with having chronic lyme disease about 2 months ago. I know that i would probably think im nuts too unless i experienced the symptoms first hand. I feel really bad for my fellow sufferers because i believe there is a hard link between one of the coinfections of lyme -bartonella and morgellons. there does seem to be a coverup of the creation of lyme (not the individual types of bacterium which have been around forever, but the placement and use of this pathenogenic cocktail for biowarfare purposes inside of ticks). i think well intentioned but not to well deserning people make rash claims that desperate sufferers are ready to believe. Chronic lyme is definately real, morgellons symptoms are definitely real as well. Sadly when approaching this and other problems we must walk a fine line between being open minded and discerning. Doctors need to accept the fact that when a patient comes in to your office with a bartonella rash making claims of morgellons and pulling very real fibers out of their skin that you dont tell them its all in their head. First it is horrible bedside manner to dismiss very real concerns based on what they taught or didnt teach you in that boxed institution of a medical school -ivy league or not. Lol. Im looking for real answers for real suffering that real people are facing every day. I hate it that wine tannins interacting with saliva protiens complicate sufferers already difficult task of getting to the bottom of such important issues.
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