Claim: Covid vaccines contains self-aware aluminum parasites

I would say words like "conclusive", "unequivocal", "unambiguous" are very committal and not guarded at all. The sentence in the last paragraph - "out of a total of 110 scanned objects unambiguous signals for the presense of graphene oxide have been found in 8 objects" - states very clearly that he believes he found graphene oxide in at least some of the samples.

As for the bolded sentence in the second screenshot - his bolding - he was referring there to only certain of his "selected objects" where he could not "obtain spectra free of flourescence noise", therefore could neither find nor rule out the presence of graphene oxide.

He really does believe he found it in the vaccine. I don't think there's any doubt about that.
Yeah, I'm just weirded out that he writes he found "signals", not that he found graphene; and that he's saying "high level of confidence" where he could simply have ascertained. It's like saying "this is probably conclusive", which doesn't sound conclusive at all!
That's a good point. Saying "high level of confidence" or "high probability" is not the same as saying "I found".
Oh my.. the 'aluminum parasites' are now also 'self-aware'? Wonder when they'll also become all-knowing, all-powerful...