Child Victim of "Alternative Medicine"


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As reported by Respectful Insolence several days ago:

It's a wrap-up of a case in Wyalusing, PA, which has led to a police investigation and ultimately to an indictement of the child's parents in June.

The article refers to the report by a local news site from Wyalusing, the "Rocket-Courier":
Even in the emergency room, the mother complained when the staff attempted reanimation.
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Could you provide a brief synopsis in your post.
The article tells of an eighteen-month old girl who developed an ear infection, was treated homoepathically by her anti-science parents, and subsequently developed a form of pneumonia that could have been easily prevented by or treated with anti-biotics. The girl slipped into cardiac arrest and died even as her parents were admonishing medical personnel for 'putting holes and chemicals in her'.


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A similarly hertbreaking tragedy recently occurred with an aboriginal family in Canada:

Fortunately, the second girl has since resumed chemotherapy.


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A similarly hertbreaking tragedy recently occurred with an aboriginal family in Canada:

Fortunately, the second girl has since resumed chemotherapy.
Thank you.
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