AE911's Response to Mick West's Iron Microspheres Talk.


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Has anyone seen this:
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I'm aware of the "no clicks" policy but it is a full AE911 page directed against Mick West's video about micro spheres.

The topic heading "Refuting a Demolition Denier's False Claims about Iron Microspheres"

The author is Chris Sarns IMO arguably one of the more courageous and more persuasive of the emissaries from AE911. He recently made a flying visit to one of the Facebook groups - and found a couple of competent debunkers in residence.

This post purely as an alert for Mick and others. If the topic is already known some moderator can delete the post - just let me know.

Micro-spheres is not my topic. But the opening paragraphs of the AE911 page is replete with personal denigration, straw-man evasions and misdirections which in my experience are SOP for Chris Sarn's style.
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Jeffrey Orling

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I don't think AE911T is capable of worry unless it means a drying up of their revenue stream. We've been thru nano thermite years ago and there's no there there. Sarns is simply pitching the NT nonsense to inspire donations.


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Are we to expect a point by point rebuttal from Mr West here?
That is a choice for Mick West to make.

However I draw attention to Mr Sarns' stated objective from the first paragraphs of the paper:
Here, we dispel these obfuscations and falsehoods one by one for the purpose of demonstrating that the iron microspheres constitute strong evidence that incendiaries were used in the destruction of the three WTC towers on 9/11.
Note the logical dependence on 'incendiaries were used in the destruction'. Unless Mr Sarns' can 'prove' such usage was needed and was performed on 9/11 the assertion of 'strong evidence' is at best moot.

I am aware that some discussion has taken place on another medium. I'll leave it for Mr West to decide whether or not he comments and to what depth of 'point by point' he wishes to go.
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Mick West

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I was chatting about it with Sarns on Facebook a while back. Basically he can't get past the idea that iron burns, with a low ignition temperature, and makes spheres of various compositions of iron and iron oxide. He thought that the candle flame was super hot, and so was melting the iron filings. I demonstrated (video, below) that it makes no difference what the flame is (butane, candle, paper, wood), the iron filing combust just the same.

He seemed to stop responding after that. But I could have missed it, as I've been busy

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