1. Mick West

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    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWqkESC6e0I


    Dan used to be convinced that some kind of drastic collapse of society was just around the corner. He was prepared for this, stockpiling food and supplies, and watching all the lastest prepper/survivalist videos on YouTube, as well as making his own videos about what was going to happen. When Obama came to power he received and initially believed dire warnings that some kind of society “reset” was imminent. But then nothing happened, and he gradually realized that probably nothing was happening, and all the worrying about it was a waste of time and having a bad effect on his life. So he stopped, deleted all his videos, and stopped consuming conspiracy theories. He’s a lot happier now.
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  2. JayC

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    This was pretty good, he reminds me of my relative that believes in this stuff in a lot of ways. I hope someday they also take Dan’s point of view.

    I wonder what advice former preppers would have for family members of current preppers?
  3. Marin B

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    I enjoyed the interview. It was the thread on TFTRH#4 where I commended Mick for his good teaching ability. On this one I give him an A for his good interviewing skills. I was also impressed with Dan's self-awareness and ability to explain how he become so immersed in the prepper mindset.
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  4. Mick West

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    Thanks! Next episode coming tomorrow, bit delayed as I did not get it out before the Flat Earth conference (where I still am)
  5. Graham2001

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    Going to listen to this one today. As someone who's old enough to remember 1980s 'Survivalists' (They planned to ride out WWIII in backwoods areas.) this will be a very interesting listen.