ufo footage

  1. Q

    Explained: HomeSteadHow "UFO" Photos [Helicopter]

    I came across this one on YouTube today and thought it was quite a good one. ie. not so blurry and some close ups. It would be great to get Mick's analysis of this one. Maybe goto 2:11 to start the watch, Source: https://youtu.be/DnILp5TnEuo
  2. ofu

    Colombia UFO (2 videos) what are they?

    I couldn't find any mention of these videos on the site so please direct me to a thread if one exists already. What are these objects filmed in Colombia (2019/2020)? In the first, the object slowly lowers in a direct vertical line to the ground (among trees), going from dark to light as the...
  3. M

    Any explanation for this UFO video?

    Hey everyone. I've seen many UFO videos, not many are convincing and most can be debunked. But this video is pretty weird, doesn't look like CGI either. Wanted to share with you. What's your take on this?