Colombia UFO (2 videos) what are they?

Charlie Wiser

Senior Member.
I couldn't find any mention of these videos on the site so please direct me to a thread if one exists already. What are these objects filmed in Colombia (2019/2020)?
In the first, the object slowly lowers in a direct vertical line to the ground (among trees), going from dark to light as the background changes.

In the second, the object hovers motionless and a tiny black dot approaches from the top-right.

While the shape looks like a balloon, there's no indication the objects are pushed around by the breeze (not that it's very windy).
I think there's a clue at 21 seconds in the first video...

Lotta dihedral there... at the risk of being the guy who thinks everything is a kite, I think this is a delta-kite derivative being reeled down by somebody flying from near the top of the hill. Deltas can be very efficient light-wind fliers.


I don't see anything in the second video that says "kite" particularly... but will mention in passing that small birds tend to fly at larger birds to drive them away, and I've seen the same behavior with small birds and kites. I suspect the small black dot in the second vid is a bird, worrying whatever the object is.
Yeah I did think that first one looks like something being reeled in. There's just something really "off" about the way it moves when I try to see it as a heavy craft coming in for a landing.