1. Dan Page

    idea: a "Debunked" Stamp

    Had a thought that I'd run by everyone. So many times when I see a tweet about chemtrails or any of the other subjects that have been thoroughly debunked is to be able to STAMP it with a DEBUNKED stamp. Not sure exactly how this could be done, but I know it could be done some how. I...
  2. Trailblazer

    UAL395 and LH404 fuel dumps and diversions

    United Airlines flight 935, a 777 dumped fuel over the UK today before returning to Heathrow.
  3. Mick West

    New sharing buttons

    Added new buttons at the top of the thread: Feel free to use them, Facebook especially is a great way of getting things out there. Let me know if they break, or are annoying. One of the more popular threads here got 54,000 shares on Facebook!