1. AllTheQuestionsToday

    What is this thing to the lower left in this NASA solar photo?

    This here, lower left, zoom in:
  2. R

    Claim: Moon's terminator as a evidence for distant sun

    Hi friends. I kinda believe in Flat Earth, to be honest, I don't have too much mathematical and geometric knowledge but i am willing to learn more about everything. I'm open to many ideas and I like to understand all propositions and see if they make sense to me, and I don't get too attached to...
  3. Neil Obstat

    Claim: zooming in on setting sun proves flat earth

    ...I don't know how these images work yet -- I'm still learning!... The first one (above) was not taken using a solar filter so the sun appears bigger than it really is, then the second one, taken later (supposedly) appears higher in the sky after zooming in with camera. Zooming in should...
  4. Rory

    Flat Earth debunked by measuring angles to the sun

    Flat Earth debunker Sly Sparkane recently posted a video in which 23 participants in 9 separate countries measured the sun's elevation angle at solar noon on the September equinox. Naturally, when the results are viewed and compared with the two models of the earth, it should appear obvious...
  5. Mick West

    Plane Making a Ripple Across the Sun

    Source: Original video here. This video of the sun happens to catch a plane flying in front of it. You can see the heat from the engines distorting the image. But a few seconds later you can also see another ripple pass over the sun. It's a quite...
  6. chris_21

    "Two Suns" in Slovakia and Bratislava [Offset Reflection]

    Hi, people, This video Source: shows the "two suns" again. I know this is not real, but the question I want to ask is: what type of trick is this? I think is due to solar lens, but in the second 0:15 (more or less), you can see how...
  7. Vogon

    Crepuscular angles and the flat idea.

    Hello! First post. I lurked a bit and this forum looks very interesting for me... I have had a look for this info here but haven't found anything yet, as a Noob, I'm sorry in advance if this has been discussed already... damn let me edit, of course this image is broken.. OK. We know that...
  8. Mick West

    Explained: Two "Suns" Sanibel Causeway, Florida [Offset Lens Reflection]

    A popular video claims to show an object in the sky that resembles a "second sun". However analysis of the video proves that what is shown is an offset lens reflection of the Sun itself. There is nothing else in the sky. The effect is also not a sun-dog, an atmospheric reflection, or a mirage...