1. Mick West

    Dark Beam in front of a Contrail, Massa, Italy [Edge Shadow]

    This is an excellent example of a contrail edge shadow in Italy. Edge shadows happen when a part of a contrail is lined up with the sun (from the point of view of the observer). This creates a slab of shadow through the haze, and the observer sees it edge on, so it looks like a dark beam...
  2. Mick West

    Dark Line in Sky over Vancouver

    Via Instagam and Twitter: Posted at about 2:41PM (PST), Jan 31st (today) (22:41 UTC) anthonyfloyd 38 minutes ago Weird feature in the #Vancouver Sky. Doesn't look like a contrail. Any ideas? #yvrwx And at 3:13PM. @AnthonyFloyd I was just trying to take pictures of it to what the heck hey?
  3. Stephanie

    Cloud Shadow?

    Pictures taken Saturday morning about an hour before sunrise. The first picture looked like a blue horseshoe shape. While I was waiting on sunrise I kept watching it and it looked like the horseshoe shape turned white and "broke off" even though it was already "off". Is this a shadow it's...
  4. Trailblazer

    "Black aerosol" spray over the Netherlands (contrail shadow at sunset)

    A section of this video (starting at 4:27) is doing the rounds on Facebook. eg What we are seeing here appears to be a contrail that is almost perfectly aligned with the low sun (which is apparently close to the horizon, hidden behind the building). The aircraft is heading towards the...