1. Mick West

    Debunked: Delta Lambda Compression

    This Indiegogo campaign is so obviously impossible that I suspect it might be some kind of elaborate educational hoax teaching people not to trust Indiegogo campaigns. But in case it's not, spoiler, it doesn't work. Delta Lambda claims to to compress your existing data on you phone up to 1000...
  2. txt29

    Simeti Wind Turbine

    A client of mine asked me for a consultation about an investment into wind energy, where a seemingly very attractive technology was presented to him. It is a 5kW, small, compact, safe and efficient wind turbine by a Czech company Simeti Wind Energy. They claim many advantages: low weight of the...
  3. txt29

    Kickstarter - phone charger powered by the phone

    I found a crowdfunding campaign seeking the funding for a project of a phone charger that is powered by the phone self. Better told it is an external case for a cell phone that is supposed to be "recycling wasted energy" from phone's cellular and WiFi radiation. It is supposed to extend the...
  4. Spiemel

    Fontus - self-filling water bottle (indiegogo scam campaign?)

    Who else is sceptical about the self-filling water bottle that a company named Fontus has been trying to bring to market since 2014? arguments for it being a scam: 1) Peltier devices are not efficient and are also...
  5. Mick West

    Debunked: Bleen 3D Clear Air Hologram [Indigogo Hoax]

    Bleen^ is the name of an Indigogo campaign^ that has already raise $50,000 of a $250,000 goal, and claims to sell a clear air 3D projection system that has been widely decried^ as breaking the laws of physics, and most likely being some kind of hoax or scam. The campaign itself is very slick...