1. Whitebeard

    'Strange' Flight Path on FR24

    Been following this flight on FR24 No, not a very odd covert geo-engineering flight, ;) ... Its the television relay plane for the Tour de France. Basically all the TV feeds from the various camera cars and bikes, plus the two or three helicopters that follow the race are relayed up to an...
  2. Mackdog

    Trying to Identify a plane I saw

    This was about a year ago, but I remembered about it when I was flipping through this notepad that I have and remembered that I sketched a picture of it the day I saw it. It was about September or October of 2013 and I looked up to see a strange looking plane that I thought might be a drone. I...
  3. KC-10FE

    Identified: Wing with Three Gold Nozzles [D-ADLR Gulfstream G550 - German Research Plane ]

    Anyone know what this is? It looks like a Gulfstream with sensors on the wings