1. JFDee

    Debunked: Sea Creature in New Zealand (Boat Trail on Google Maps)

    The "Daily Mail" and other publications have picked up a story brough up by one "Engineer Pita Witehira". The Google Maps satellite view of Oke Bay in the North-East of New Zealand allegedly shows an unexplained phenomenon: a long darkish strip resembling a giant snake between two curved lines...
  2. Mick West

    Debunked: 13 Foot Long Horned Sea Monster, Scientists Baffled [Decomposed Shark Carcass]

    Images of the above decomposed shark skeleton have been passed around the internet for months, with the title "13 FOOT Long “HORNED SEA MONSTER” Found on Beach Leaves SCIENTISTS BAFFLED". However they seem to have confused the initial reluctance of scientists to say exactly what type of fish it...