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  1. Mick West

    Tales From the Rabbit Hole - A Mick West / Metabunk Podcast

    My first podcast, Tales From The Rabbit Hole goes live today! TFTRH is an interview podcast where I chat with people whose lives have been affected by conspiracy theory culture. There's believers, ex-believers, family members, debunkers, and researchers. TFTRH.com Episode 1 - The Ex Conspiracy...
  2. Rory

    The Conspiracy Theory Spectrum

    In 'Escaping The Rabbit Hole' there's a fair bit of talk about the conspiracy theory 'demarcation line': the idea that we all exist on a 'conspiracy spectrum', and that theories and ideas are either seen as credible or ridiculous depending on where our demarcation line lies. Here's an example...
  3. Flynn

    Mick West Interview for "Overcast" documentary by Dedal Films

    Thank you for posting the transcript. :)
  4. S

    Black exhaust, contrail, or chemtrail?

    Saw 4 of these planes emitting this black exhaust during a flight from San Francisco to Atlanta Ga. All where in an hour space of time. We where flying at 38,000ft. Mid morning. Also saw plenty of other planes emitting the normal white contrail. Any explanations??
  5. TemplarJLS

    I have a question

    I'm new here, and no I'm not accusing Mick of anything. I've heard stories from some Conspiracy Theorists that have been banned because of posting stuff here that you guys couldn't debunk. Whether this is true or not I don't know since claims like this are easy to make (Yeah, I'm an...