lunar eclipse

  1. J

    Selenelion Eclipses

    Hey guys, hey Mick first post on the forum, I hope everyone's doing well So, I understand that the selenelion lunar eclipse is caused by atmospheric refraction.. A selenelion or selenehelion occurs when both the Sun and an eclipsed Moon...
  2. Priyadi

    Islamic Rituals and Spherical Earth

    Some Islamic rituals are performed using the parameters obtained from various astronomical phenomena. Traditionally, they are determined from manual, self-performed, visual observations. Science allows them to be instead determined from calculations that use the spherical Earth model. The fact...
  3. Priyadi

    Eclipses and the Saros Cycle

    Flat-Earthers do not have a consistent explanation for eclipses, but they all reject the scientific explanations for eclipses. If confronted with the fact it is possible to predict the occurrences of an eclipse, they would claim NASA are using the Saros cycle to predict eclipses. They would...