1. Mick West

    Earth's Curve Calculator To use it you just put in the distance to the object in miles and your height above the surface in feet. The Metabunk curve calculator was written to provide a simple answer to the question: "how much of a distant object is hidden by the curve of the earth from...
  2. Mick West

    Convert Graph Image from Log Scale to Linear Scale

    Sometimes graphs are presented with a logarithmic vertical scale. This is useful for seeing the detail in the smaller range, but can give a misleading impression about how much a value is changing. I wrote a no-frills tool to convert such images. It take as input a URL of a cropped portion of a...
  3. Mick West

    Earth Curvature Simulation by Walter Bislins

    Walter Bislins has created a very useful tool for visualizing what things should look like from certain positions, and with certain camera settings, on the Globe Earth, or on a hypothetical Flat Earth. The Simulator includes recreations of classic and modern experiments and observations...