1. Mick West

    Why Does the Atmosphere Not Fly off into the Vacuum of Space?

    Source: One of the great things about "Flat Earth" theory is that it provides some great opportunities for thinking about, investigating, and explaining a variety of basic science concepts. Now, everybody knows that if you have an alien in your...
  2. Mick West

    Explained: Why a Phone Spirit Level Works Around the World [Accelerometers are Scales]

    In a video titled "*** 4,519 MILES & NO CURVE! Globe Debunked Once And For All *** RESEARCH FLAT EARTH", Youtuber Paul On The Plane uses a phone with a virtual bubble level app in two locations: Seattle, in the North West of the United States, and Dublin, Ireland. He first resets the level in...
  3. Mick West

    Cody's Lab: How Weight Changes With Location and Velocity

    Source: Cody Don Reeder, a science educator, did a nice experiment to show that gravity (and hence weight) changes based on your location. The two main things that affect gravity are latitude and elevation, and you should be able to detect these with a...