1. MikeG

    Geoengineering in Southeastern Pennsylvania

    Last week, Catherine Frompovich wrote a article for Activist Post that claimed recent heavy rain in southeastern Pennsylvania was geoengineered. After looking through archival data on rainfall in the area, the totals don’t come close to historical records. Frompovich’s secondary claims about...
  2. MikeG

    Resilient Cities

    A few days ago, the term “resilient cities” popped up in a Washington Post story about yet another government official going public with his conspiracy beliefs. A little research into the term reveals a 2013 initiative that doesn’t have even a passing resemblance to a conspiracy. [My...
  3. JFDee

    Scientific Doubts about the "Welsbach Patent"

    There is a relatively recent article in the German Wikipedia about the theoretical base of the famous Welsbach patent which is often quoted by chemtrail believers. The article's critique in a very small nutshell: Welsbach materials can't emit light without being considerably heated. They...