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A few days ago, the term “resilient cities” popped up in a Washington Post story about yet another government official going public with his conspiracy beliefs. A little research into the term reveals a 2013 initiative that doesn’t have even a passing resemblance to a conspiracy.

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I have never heard the term “resilient cities” before. The Post article traced it to Deborah Tavares, who also uses the term “kill cities” and claims that a Jewish-backed conspiracy is dedicated to depopulating urban centers through weather control, with the end goal being: “The restructuring of North America.”

Tavares is taking the program 100 Resilient Cities and twisting it into a pretzel.

The actual 100 Resilient Cities website elaborates on the purpose of the program:

It goes on further to explain:

To accomplish all this, the program asks city governments to pledge 10% of the budgets to projects like: “deep energy retrofits,” “participatory budgeting,” and “neighborhood revitalization.” The Rockefeller Foundation is matching this funding with a total of $164 million in grants.

Somehow, in Tavares’ mind, the pledge became analogous to the old trope about Agenda 21 and world domination with a dash of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and geoengineering.

Just nonsense.

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