fukushima fish die off

  1. RFMarine

    Debunked: dead dolphins with ischemic lungs therefore fukushima did it

    http://yournewswire.com/dead-dolphins-in-fukushima-stranding-found-with-white-radiated-lungs any evidence to debunk this? Japanese scientists are saying they have never seen anything like what they discovered after autopsying a massive group of dolphins that ended up dead after being...
  2. derwoodii

    This picture is not a Fukushima related fish die off

    the source and claims is http://waterliberty.com/news/2014/12/fuku-death-98-of-pacific-seafloor-covered-in-dead-sea-creatures-145-miles-off-the-coast-of-california/ the actual un-cropped picture comes from Michigan Mona Lake shoreline 2008...