1. Qulaey

    Explained: 17.61 Mile Mirror Flash Supposedly Proves Flat Earth [Refraction]

    In a Youtube video documenting an expariment done by youtuber MrThriveandSurvive. He observes a mirror flash of the sun through an inferared modified P-900 at a distence of 17.61 miles or 28.24km. See if you guys can help me debunk this. Video link: Source...
  2. Benjamin Moore

    Explained: Why Earth Has A Magnetic Core Even Though the core is Molten Metal

    Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BdGH9ABB6yP/ This is a flatearth meme someone posted on Instagram that I haven't seen before. The top of the image shows the tempature of the Earths core to be 7000 degrees Celsius. The bottom claims nickel loses its magnetism at 671 degrees Ferinheit and...
  3. Kriss3d

    Curvature of earth - the definition

    Im quite active against the flat earthers by posting actual scientific sources. Ofcourse earth isnt flat. Its impossible. My question is this. When claimed that according to the curvature charts and the various calculations ( 8 inch per mile squared) there will be something like "this distance...