1. C

    My girlfriend,Jungian Personality Theory and the Rabbit Hole (Dealing with Relationships)

    I feel that this may need some context. I spent a decade of extreme illness after my Doctors completely failed to spot that I was diabetic, and then when they spotted it, decided it was type 2 and refused to send me to hospital to check that my diabetes wasn't type 1. It was type 1 and I am...
  2. TWCobra

    Chemtrail evidence that would stand up in court

    I don't have a law background but I was wondering if any Metabunk member with a legal bent could enlighten us on what would constitute evidence for chemtrails that would stand up in a court of law? This would also help our legion of friends who call us shills but nevertheless find time to read...
  3. Leifer

    Has the accusation of "shills" become an independant conspiracy ?

    This may not technically be considered a "conspiracy", per se ** ....but read on..... In social media, I (and many) have seen an ever-increasing amount of claims that "shills" are prevalent, and are wide-spread......and that they (shills) often appear on social media because of some financial...