1. JFDee

    Members of the Senate Armed Services Committee decry drone vulnerability

    Senators Jack Reed and Roger Wicker have an op-ed in the Washington Post about the danger of military's insufficient drone detection capabilities. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2024/04/22/drone-attacks-us-troops/
  2. Blatoski1

    Multiple UFO's? In the Skies over Elkhart Indiana | UFO? | Chinese lantern?|

    probably something dumb but it looks really weird just the way they were moving and rotating back and forth it's kind of hard to see in the video Source: https://youtu.be/n7CwJC8d1HQ?si=mEhMRjSfuZU18aHz
  3. V

    Moving lights in the Phoenix night sky

    On 1/29/2022 I was getting cash at an ATM at the corner of 7th st and Glendale in Phoenix AZ at about 9:00pm. When I finished I was about to make a right turn onto Glendale when I saw these four glowing orbs/lights in the sky. I was looking towards the north and I would estimate they were at...
  4. MikeC

    Claim: FAA conspiring with Police to limit news access to Black Rock

    This Forbes article alleges that the FAA is improperly using it's authority to close airspace over the Standing Rock protest site to news outlets in co-operation with law enforcement for he purpose of restricting media reporting. the article is behind an "adblock free" barrier - I've read it on...