1. Wiggles

    Claim: Distant Objects Being Obscured Is Due To the "Mirror Blocking" Effect of Inferior Mirages

    I thought this was a good one (it's a recent video and today is the first time I've heard this claim in a way that made any sense at all): Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_arVHYRPlg So, the guts of the claim are this: The guy sets up his table as such: The table represents the...
  2. jeranism

    Explained: Observations of Canigou, Curvature of the Earth & Atmospheric Refraction

    Mick was just on Joe Rogan and spoke heavily on Flat Earth. One thing he said, was that many flat earth researchers incorrectly report observations of distant points. I agree, many people forget to include the observation height or the height of the observed landmark. However, there are some...
  3. TEEJ

    How far away is that contrail? Streamwood, IL 2nd March 2015

    Classic case of an individual not being able to determine just how far away the aircraft and contrail is. He claims that the aircraft is "directly overhead" and attempts to find it on Plane Finder. He notices on Plane Finder an aircraft heading for his location and steps out to film it. He...