covid-19 vaccination

  1. eN0ch

    Dr Peter McCullough's claims

    My covid conspiracy theorist friend asked me to watch the full almost-3-hours video of Joe Rogan's interview with Peter McCullough (mid-December 2021). She said it captures so well the entirety of what she believes about covid vaccines, and she'd like me to watch it so I might understand why she...
  2. Beaker

    Need help further debunking: IJVTPR (International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research) paper titled "Worse than the disease?"

    Immunologists and virologists complained on social media around 6 months ago about a recently-created sham scientific journal called "International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research" (IJVTPR) which was supposedly created by anti-vaxxers and intended to release anti-vax research...
  3. P

    Friend has fallen into COVID-conspiracies

    Early this morning my friend me sent this on Messenger Now, my friend has always been into conspiracies, but they always have been reletavly harmless, but this is something new. Just out of the blue on anti-vaxx mode And just couple minutes ago he sent me another message regarding that mask...
  4. A

    Needs Debunking: Proposed COVID Vaccine will become part of our DNA, make us programmable

    Good afternoon everyone. This is my first time posting, and I will try to follow the posting guidelines as best as possible. My apologies if I do this incorrectly. I have an immediate relative who is sending anti-vax youtube videos via emails to people (not sure how many, the list is bcc)...