1. Rory

    Claim: Pfizer sponsors many mainstream TV shows (with the implication being that can lead to bad things)

    Here's a compilation video of US TV shows purportedly being sponsored by Pfizer: Source: The shows featured are: Good Morning America, CBS Health Watch, Anderson Cooper 360, ABC News Nightline, Making A Difference, CNN Tonight, Early Start...
  2. R

    Exclusive New York City "UFO" Footage

    I'd be curious if anyone could identify what this footage from 2010 is footage of, given that the footage is from a news camera: Source: It's also on YouTube: Source: My best...
  3. penk

    CNN Greenscreened a guy on a ship? [No]

    This one seems pretty callous, but if this is true, I can't find anyone else calling out CNN on something this awful, other than the #fakenews idiocy going on ("All news is fake!"). Can anyone nail this as "this was not how CNN broadcasted this..." ?