1. Chew

    CERN addresses September 23 nonsense Full text: This link shows the current and past beam energy (up to 7 days worth): The image is this URL...
  2. SabreSaint

    Need Debunking: CERN To Recreate Big Bang

    The latest in a never ending stream of doomsday theories. A number of conspiracy sites such as All News Pipeline are claiming that when CERN reopens in March they will be attempting to recreate the big bang and in doing so will create a black hole that will devour earth and eventually the...
  3. A

    Dr. Kirkby 2009 CERN presentation: "Clouds Seeded by Jets" [Misunderstanding by Chemtrail Theorists]

    Has this been debunked? It looks to me like chemtrail believers are taking Dr. Kirby's comments out of context and using what he said to "prove" their beliefs. "these are clouds seeded by...