1. deirdre

    J.Marvin Herndon tries to pass off Bird Poop as evidence of "chemtrail" spraying

    In a newly published paper, J. Marvin Herndon claims a black substance that fell from the sky in Harrison Township Michigan is proof of "chemtrails" he also tries to infer the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality testing confirms his results The material was also sampled and analyzed...
  2. deirdre

    Amazon bans SH conspiracy book

    o_OClaim: CENSORSHIP SHOCK: Amazon.com bans investigative book 'Nobody Died at Sandy Hook' because it disagrees with government version of what happened .... Amazon.com has selectively targeted this book for censorship due to the political incorrectness of the author's conclusions. ...
  3. Buildy

    Is Windchill Bunk?

    Often in northern North American climates in the wintertime, not only is the forecast temperature reported, but alongside it is the "Windchill" - What it FEELS like to anyone who dare venture outside. Recently (Friday,) a local school board in Southern Ontario closed all schools due to an...
  4. Leifer

    What to do when family members believe in bunk ?

    Often, close family members will reveal one or another closely held ideas.....that somehow fall into the category of "un-substanciated" claims....or other types of "suspicious beliefs". No one is speaking of religion claims, but those that are often conversational claims of medical cures and...