atmospheric refraction

  1. H

    Illusions of Curvature - RC Boat Hidden on Small Pond

    I found an interesting video which shows an RC boat with a flashlight moving away from the camera, eventually disappearing below the horizon. This "test" however was conducted at a relatively small pond, no more than 600 feet in diameter. This is simply too small to allow for any curvature...
  2. Sandor Szekely

    Atmospheric sunlight refraction arguments on the Eratosthenes triangulation method

    DarkStar presented his measurement using the Eratosthenes triangulation method to prove the globe earth model curvature is right. Here is the heart of the proof. Simply pick a line of longitude (along which...
  3. David Ridlen

    Earth curvature refraction experiments - debunking flat/concave Earth

    I keep being presented with 'earth curvature experiment' videos recently, by flat/concave earth advocates. It seems to be their new favorite "evidence" that Earth is not spherical. Debunking this gets into math which I stink at, regarding refraction. I would like to be sure I have considered...