apollo 17

  1. R

    Claim: Apollo 15-17 Live TV Feed - Antenna signal would be interrupted from all the violent shaking when Astronauts touch the buggy

    I came across a Moon landing hoax claim yesterday that was sent to me via video. I searched this forum and elsewhere on the internet and I did not find a place where this claim was talked about. If it has already been discussed here, I apologize and can you please point me to the location of the...
  2. PCWilliams

    Debunked: Apollo 17 helmet reflection shows an unsuited stage hand [reflection of astronaut]

    Has anybody covered this yet? The newest round of fake moon conspiracies says Gene Cernan's visor in the image below is reflecting a person not in a moon suit. A link to one such story: http://www.newsweek.com/fake-apollo-moon-landing-photo-claims-show-proof-mission-was-hoax-716221 I think...
  3. lamentiraestaahifuera.com

    A pyramid on the Moon

    Google translated. Sorry. This image was taken by Apollo 17 during its last flight to the moon near the area known as Geophone Rock. It was cataloged by NASA as "blank". After retouching the photo, you see that is not completely blank. If turning up the contrast, pyramidal structures can be...