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    Metabunk 2018-11-09 05-46-31.
    Source: https://projects.sfchronicle.com/2018/fire-tracker/

    The "Camp" fire has not made much of a dent in the national news yet, but I suspect that will change as it gets light. Hundreds, possibly thousands of homes were destroyed in a single day by a fire that started just yesterday morning and is still going.

    Driven by high winds, the fire has devastated the medium sized town of Paradise (population 27,000), Butte County, California. There's many accounts of people forced suddenly from their home, then driving, riding, or running through flames to safety. Some deaths will be expected, but it's a chaotic situation right now.

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsVk0bJWCNQ

    For a conspiracy point of view, it depends on what the theorists perspective is. It's either an attempted distraction from Trump's problems, or it's some symptom of geoengineering, from which the other news is a distraction.

    Of course it's really just the weather, geography, and perhaps an unfortunate place to have so many houses.
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    The Woolsey fire near Los Angeles is also very serious. Three of my friends have been evacuated from their houses, with flames visible down the street.

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    One Friend posted this at midnight:
    Metabunk 2018-11-09 06-08-44.

    Another replied with this photo from his house: Metabunk 2018-11-09 06-10-04.

    And another friend:
    Metabunk 2018-11-09 06-19-39.

    That's the area I lived in when I moved to the US. There were fires that year. Like this year it was driven by the Santa Ana winds, which will blow the fires south to the ocean, towards Malibu.
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    Unfortunately the weather is about as bad as it gets in the Hill and Woolsey fires, 25-30mph sustained winds, gusting over 50mph :(

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    Another fire in LA.

    Metabunk 2018-11-09 09-47-43.
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    Dane Wigington is already saying this "geoengineering"
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    Somewhat trending on YouTube, is that the cause of these recent fires could be volcanic in nature.

    But there have been no reports of any such activity....either from volconologists, or local residents.
    There has been some earthquake activity in California....but there always is some. Nothing abnormal though.
    Dutchsinse (conspiracy creator) seems to be the primary source of this disinformation.
    (I would post more source linkage, but I'm on my cellphone, plus I'm working at a remote location, not at my desktop)
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    Since these fires started, Dutchsinse has been talking about a huge fire Near Camp Nelson that was the first and led to the other big fires.

    There are a couple of small fires north of Camp Nelson that started on October 4 caused by lightning strikes. They are in remote, wilderness areas, threatening no private property. The forest service is allowing them to burn for forest management.


    Just after 50:25 of his 11/13/2018 update video, he names this huge fire near Camp Nelson, The Camp Fire. Is the idea of volcanic activity trending due to Dutchsinse not understanding where the Camp Fire actually is?

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    A wider view:
    Metabunk 2018-11-14 08-09-15.
  9. Leifer

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    Unfortunately, all he seems to be doing, is posting real earthquake and tectonic data, but coming to unique personal conclusions........most of which is not in agreement with science.
    However, he has an online following that is just big enough to plant 'seeds of doubt'. and has become a trusted "expert" in some conspiracy circles.

    The farthest thing from my belief (or research)....is that there was some Sierra Range volcanic event and no one noticed it, except for (290k subsciber) link: Dutchsince and a few other YT channels, and the sight of a very large smoke cloud resembling a volcano... something forest fires are known for, especially in the past few fire seasons:
    The area north of San Fransisco IS geothermally and seismically active, and small quakes are (and have been) common in these areas....as noted in this article from the USGS about the world's largest geothermal powerplant facilities, The Geysers Geothermal Field...

    Oops, wrong map.

    This one, showing seismic activity over years 2003-2011...


    So, there is a history of activity.
    But still no volcano.
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    The usual conspiracy theories about houses being burnt while trees are untouched, directed energy weapons, and Agenda 21 are circulating:




  11. Leifer

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    If trees are not affected next to a burning structure (house), then there is something unusual about the trees, not the burning homes or how they were supposedly ignited according to theorists..... (5G, Smart Meters, Laser beams, Microwaves, etc)
    To me, this is the most obvious flaw in conspiracy ideas regarding "trees not burnt".
    Why trees don't always burn...... https://www.metabunk.org/explained-...s-as-evidence-of-secret-energy-weapons.t9168/

    Then there is the idea that forest trees have been "chemtrailed sprayed with aluminum", making them more flammable.
    Obviously these are two separate theories, that contradict the other.
    If trees were more flammable, they would burn next to house fires....but they often don't.
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  12. Trailblazer

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    One of the ingredients in the fire retardant (attapulgus clay) that is sprayed on forest fires is actually an aluminium compound. :)
  13. Inti

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    I presume the implication is that metallic aluminium powder was used as in some thermite? I think the difference between aluminium as an element and compound of aluminium was discussed in some chemtrail thread on MB?

    One of the best instance of the difference between the properties of elements and of compounds of those elements is sodium chloride. Combine a high reactive and dangerously inflammable metal and a corrosively poisonous gas used in war from WW1 to Saddam Husein, and we get... common table salt.
  14. Leifer

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    I think the idea that trees and brush will burn faster or more-readily because of chemtrail spraying....is an idea invented online, a misnomer spread by rumor, and not backed by science.
    One reason for the overall doubt of the rumor, is that chemtrails do not seem to be happening, as far as we truly know.
    To help prove this idea is false....(like actual fire tests) seems to be intensive work under controlled conditions.
    Such extensive testing is really not needed, until 'chemtrail spraying' is firstly verified.
    Fist you need to verify trees are full of extra aluminum. This situation, as far as I can tell is not noted by dedicated tree botanists in the California area. I have looked.

    It's the "chain of evidence"....don't test the end of the chain, when the start of the chain has yet to be examined.
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