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    Metabunk 2018-11-09 05-46-31.
    Source: https://projects.sfchronicle.com/2018/fire-tracker/

    The "Camp" fire has not made much of a dent in the national news yet, but I suspect that will change as it gets light. Hundreds, possibly thousands of homes were destroyed in a single day by a fire that started just yesterday morning and is still going.

    Driven by high winds, the fire has devastated the medium sized town of Paradise (population 27,000), Butte County, California. There's many accounts of people forced suddenly from their home, then driving, riding, or running through flames to safety. Some deaths will be expected, but it's a chaotic situation right now.

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsVk0bJWCNQ

    For a conspiracy point of view, it depends on what the theorists perspective is. It's either an attempted distraction from Trump's problems, or it's some symptom of geoengineering, from which the other news is a distraction.

    Of course it's really just the weather, geography, and perhaps an unfortunate place to have so many houses.
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    The Woolsey fire near Los Angeles is also very serious. Three of my friends have been evacuated from their houses, with flames visible down the street.

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    One Friend posted this at midnight:
    Metabunk 2018-11-09 06-08-44.

    Another replied with this photo from his house: Metabunk 2018-11-09 06-10-04.

    And another friend:
    Metabunk 2018-11-09 06-19-39.

    That's the area I lived in when I moved to the US. There were fires that year. Like this year it was driven by the Santa Ana winds, which will blow the fires south to the ocean, towards Malibu.
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    Unfortunately the weather is about as bad as it gets in the Hill and Woolsey fires, 25-30mph sustained winds, gusting over 50mph :(

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    Another fire in LA.

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    Dane Wigington is already saying this "geoengineering"
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    Somewhat trending on YouTube, is that the cause of these recent fires could be volcanic in nature.

    But there have been no reports of any such activity....either from volconologists, or local residents.
    There has been some earthquake activity in California....but there always is some. Nothing abnormal though.
    Dutchsinse (conspiracy creator) seems to be the primary source of this disinformation.
    (I would post more source linkage, but I'm on my cellphone, plus I'm working at a remote location, not at my desktop)
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