1. Ace

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    I found this video going around the chemtrail world. It seems to be promoting a new(?) kind of cloud seeding operation going on in Thailand. It's not in English but you can make out the words "Sodium Chloride" and "Calcium Chloride"... Not sure what to make of this one but thought you guys might know.

  2. Mick West

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    That's quite a nice video. But all it's showing is cloud seeding. There's this odd misconception in the chemtrail world that cloud seeding is some kind of secret activity, the existence of which proves that chemtrails exist. Really though cloud seeding has been around for at least 50 years, and it looks in reality very little like the persistent contrails that people describe as "chemtrails".

    Here's an article discussing the project in detail.

  3. Mick West

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  4. Ace

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    Thanks Mick, I wasn't familiar with this particular cloud seeding technique... Technically, this would be a chemtrail, although ironically- it does not fit the chemtrail myth.
  5. MikeC

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    I know a couple of people who speak Thai - I'll send them this link & see what it is saying
  6. Ross Marsden

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    Here is an article in the Sydney Morning Herald dated August 8, 2010
    Thai rain making comes to Qld
    It was referred from "NORTHLAND NEW ZEALAND CHEMTRAILS WATCH" as The Australian Government Signed Contract to Turn Queensland into a wetland
    and introduced like this:
    The blogger is suggesting that the floods were on purpose.
    The rest of the article focuses on problems the BoM is having with their radar displays.
  7. Mick West

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    Interesting link there to a guy obsessed with weather radar artifacts:

    It's the radar station. Any circular artifact is going to be centered around the radar station.

    It's another good example of why you have to check your own assumptions about what people know or do not know when debunking. Anyone with a passing interest in the weather would realize a perfectly circular pattern like that is only going to be cause by some kind of radar interference or malfunction. But apparently the conspiracy minded think that there actually is a giant circle of some kind (in Australia) being generated from somewhere else, like Alaska.
  8. Ace

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    Since you brought up radar, I have a question about the "chaff" videos... I'm sure you have seen them, weathermen like this one claiming their radars are being mucked with from chaff. In this particular one there is no way this is chaff as it covers too large an area... Not sure how he failed to recognize it as moisture, but I don't see how it could be anything else... Thoughts???
  9. Ross Marsden

    Ross Marsden Senior Member

    (Gah! I had a nice reply to this but my login times out and I lost it.)
    The nub of it was: I have no experience of chaff in weather radar. This guy seems sure that this is chaff. If I were him, I would be very sure before going public, given the sensitivity.

    Do you have data that suggests this is not chaff?
  10. Mick West

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    Chaff can cover very large areas, that's really what it's for. It's not local cover.
  11. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    although this WWII poster would say otherwise
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  12. Ace

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    @Ross- No I don't have data, because I was not there to collect any. I think it's more about the lack of data that makes chaff highly unlikely... First of all, this kind of signature would take hundreds(if not Thousands) of planes to create and this would not go unnoticed by people in the area and more importantly- ATC. And Secondly, that kind of distribution would leave a noticeable fallout on the ground and also endanger other aircraft by creating potential harmful build up in the engines... So chaff can be ruled out because none of those things ever happened. Most likely, you have some kind of radar glitch, or in my opinion- a rather poor/noob local weatherman.
  13. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Thousands of planes? That could be done with one plane. All it's got to do is lay one 80 mile plume north-south on the east coast, then 2-3 hours of wind will blow it out over the west.

    Here's a military report on chaff.

    Which has this image of two or three plumes of chaff covering an area 400 miles wide.


    And a useful quote:

    A B-52 cruising at 400mph would make a 66 mile long plume in ten minutes.
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  14. Jay Reynolds

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    The rings are often caused when radar is tuned to a very sensitive mode in clear-air conditions to try to spot small thunderstorms. My friend Letxa( abrlliant fellow) did a lot of debunking on this:
  15. baby jesus

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    chemtrails are real

    obviously youre on some sort of disinformation payroll -
    after heavy raining in LA - the skies are crystal clear with real clouds in the sky - That is what the sky is supposed to look like - today back to spraying as usual - Military planes flown at 2:00 am till 5:00 am - murk up the skies agin
    Remember we know what the sky really looks like after it rains
    Do passenger planes fly on rainy days..YES - does the chemical dispesent of a non passenger jet/military plane stay in the sky when it rains...NOOOOO - thats the answer - that is the devil in the detail
    Thats not your real picture either MR. Moderater admin guy - gee your so honest
  16. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Why would these "military" planes not leave trails when it was raining? Rain clouds are at a very low altitude compared to the trails.

    Contrails are so high that they are actually made of ice. So they are unrelated to rain. I also live in LA, and I saw the same blue skies, then lots of contrails today, then now there's some scattered high clouds. You can see why this happens by looking at today's satellite photo:


    See that large band of wispy clouds over LA? That's a region of ice-supersaturate air, where cirrus clouds are forming, and where contrails are persistent when they fly through it.
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  17. Jay_Reynolds

    Jay_Reynolds Guest

    I'm wondering what 'babyjesus' would say if he found out that the planes he sees are not military, but rather commercial jets?

    If he believed that ONLY military jets were 'spraying', but found out that commercial passenger jets made EXACTLY the same trails he has been calling 'military', his whole world would come crashing down. This is what happened to my friend "Chickiedeb" when she started to do this:


    When Chickiedeb was able to identify the planes she saw overhead, she almost fainted, her world changed forever, and the truth set her free!
  18. Jay_Reynolds

    Jay_Reynolds Guest

    So, 'babyjesus', are you willing to risk changing your world?

    There are no mystery jets.

    Any chemmie who really wants to know what flies a mere six miles away can do so by using flight tracking feeds
    to identify the planes they see.

    Why don't all the skywatch people exhort their members to do this?

    Why doesn't Rosalind Petersen tell her friends to do this?

    Why doesn't William Thomas tell his followers to do this?

    Why don't the Belfort Group members tell their people to do this?

    Why doesn't Michael J. Murphy tell people to do this?

    Why, why, why, why, why????????
  19. MikeC

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    And here's the sort of setup you can use to positively identify any aeroplane flying at any height - camera & telescope. the scope reasonably priced at asbout US$600 IIRC (I did look it up a week or 2 ago). an 8" version is cheaper again and would probably be perfectly adequate too.

    Check the quality of photos at the bottom of this page

    Every dedicated chemtrailer should have something like this to take decent photos and collect much better quality evidence than blurry blobs!
  20. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    The problem is that if they did do that, then they would see it's just planes, and cease to be chemtrailers.

    Or at least they would cease to be "they are spraying it from nozzles" chemtrailers, and just "they add it to the fuel, or exhaust, somehow" chemtrailers. Still it would at least be positive step.
  21. Jay_Reynolds

    Jay_Reynolds Guest

    I suppose I already answered my question about why most chemmies don't make use of the tools that are available to them. Their leadership obviously hasn't told them.

    Carnicom came close ten years ago with a telephoto lens,but it was way too fuzzy. He evidently liked doodling with microscopes a whole lot more.

    Ironically strange, eh that he would zoom into the most microscopic stuff for ten plus years all the while if he had zoomed in with a telescope he could have solved his mystery soooooo much easier.

    Bill Hall was perhaps the first chemmie I know of, nearly 11 years ago, to telescope a plane and STILL call it a chemtrail:
    "This guy was laying down huge trails Saturday 3-4-2000. The show is through a Celestron C6 by Bill Hall who lives just northwest of Houston."

    My link to the site isn't working, but to see the photo
    use the internet archive.org to search the year 2000 for this URL:

    I believe it was identified as a Southwest Airlines livery

    BTW, Mick, I've tried to login a dozen times, even reset mypassword but still cannot get in under my username.
    Jay Reynolds
  22. MikeC

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    Thanks for the link - here's another photo from it - Mick you may want to put this one in both "Racetrack contrails" and "Contrail photos through the ages".....



    It is linked to here on some websites but I don't have permission to view it there - if it is still there - eg Rense so is known to the chemtrail community - but for soeem reason it doesn't sem widely circulated - perhaps because it is inconveniently prior to the suppsoed start of chemtrails in the late 1990's??

    I can't find it on the NOAA website.
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